Oblivion Chaos FAQ General Questions

When did Oblivion Chaos start?

June 8, 2006.

What were your original ideas for Oblivion Chaos?

It was supposed to be a parody of Chain of Memories. Supposed to be being the key word.

What is your favorite chapter?

Comic 74.

Who's your favorite character?

Roxas and Zexion. I put a bit of myself into those characters.

What comics inspired you the most?

In Wily's Defense and the likes.

Plot Questions

Is the plot of Oblivion Chaos based on anything?

Not really. I throw in plot elements from the Kingdom Hearts series, but I make my own basic plot out of them.

Why is your plot so confusing?

Because I didn't magically gain writing ability until like halfway through Season 2. Leave me alone D:<

When a character dies, are they dead forever?

Probably, unless they aren't. In that case, they're not dead.

Why did you kill off ?

Because it was either funny or a plot point.

Oblivion Chaos totally stole my plot!

Why would I choose this plot to steal?

Can I be in Oblivion Chaos?

If you think you're epic enough, maybe. In like a filler. Unless you're a buddy of mine and I feel like throwing you in, such as in comics 60 and 73.

Why is Shadow in Oblivion Chaos? He 5ux0r5!

I don't remember.

Graphical Questions

I wanna make a comic, but I don't have any of the tools needed!

cool story bro

Fine. Will you teach me your ways? What tools do you need?

Ask someone who makes /good/ comics .-.

Why doesn't Zexion walk that much?

Because he never walks in CoM and I fail at spriting.

Where did you get your sprites/BGs?

I got them from Jesus.

How did you make your SFX?

Jesus again.

j00r (0m1( 5ux0r5, 101!


Character Questions

Why is there no bio page?

Because I suck.

When are the character's birthdays?

Why do you /care/

Is Marluxia gay?

I really don't want to get involved in the gay rights movement in my comic. Plus, he's already gay in Ansem Retort.

Your characters are unoriginal!

Maybe that's because they're not mine.

Why are there so many characters?

Because I'm OUT OF MY MIND.

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